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For those of you that may not have heard yet, PhoneTech has recently undergone some organizational changes. To centralize service and support, the Florida/Southwest division of PhoneTech has consolidated with its Michigan division, ARQ Internet Solutions. PhoneTech

We would like to stress that these changes are purely administrative and its impact on you as a PhoneTech customer will be minimal. Your Internet access numbers will remain the same, as well as your email address. In addition to your current customer support telephone number, you now have expanded support provided from ARQ at (877) 819-1760. The only additional change you should see is a new name on your billing.

To provide some background, ARQ is an ISP (Internet Service Provider) based in East Lansing, Michigan providing Internet access for individuals and corporations, in-house domain and web hosting, and web site design. As we say at ARQ, "If it touches the Internet, We do it!"

Our staff of Internet professionals is ready to help. If you have any questions or comments please call us at (877) 819-1760 or email us at or Again, thank you for your continued business, and welcome to our growing Internet family.

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