Moving Forward and Back

As you click on links to jump from one Web page to another, you'll sometimes want to return to the previous page, or the one before that. You can do this by clicking a button on the "tool bar," which is a row of small squares with pictures on them located near the top of your screen.

The "back" and "forward" buttons look like this:

Clicking the back button (which is marked with a left-pointing triangle) will recall the page you were viewing just prior to the current page. Clicking the back button again will move you back one more page, and so on until you finally return to your "home page," which is the first one that appeared after you logged on.

The forward button, of course, has just the opposite effect. Right now it's probably "dimmed" (the triangle is shown in gray rather than black), which means you can't use it. That's because this page is the furthest you've been, so you can't go "forward." Likewise, you can't go "back" when you're at your home page.

Locate the back button in the toolbar and click it now. Click the actual button - not the illustration on this page. By the way, we sure hope you find it, because this page contains no links. It's a dead end so, if you don't back out of it, you're stuck here forever! (evil laughter)