What is email?

Electronic Mail. It's a lot like traditional mail, except that you can send it just about anywhere on the planet in seconds at any time of the day or night for free. You're invited to compare this with the U.S Postal Service or Federal Express.

Email is a great for communicating with people in the business world, where email accounts are becoming as universal as fax machines, and it's a fun way to keep in touch with friends and family.

What program do I use for email, and how do I set it up?

If you're using Windows95, click here for information about the Microsoft Exchange program.

If you're using a Mac or a PC with Windows 3.1, your software package comes with Eudora, the world's most popular email program. Your User's Guide explains how to configure this program, but here's the basic information you'll need:

Your POP account is yourUserName@pop3.phonetech.com

The SMTP server is mail.phonetech.com

You can find lots of information about using Eudora on the Web, including the official user's manual from Eudora's home page and some excellent tips from users.

Sometimes you'll find an email link in a Web page. To use these links, you need to go into the Edit/Options/Mail section of Internet Explorer and enter mail.phonetech.com as your Mail Server Address.

Then, when you click on an email link, the address which it contains is automatically plugged into a blank email form. All you have to do is type a subject and message, and send it on its way. The Webmaster loves to get email, so, if you want to give it a try, feel free to send me email. Or send email to the President of the United States and let him know what you think. He's probably been wondering why he hasn't heard from you.

Can I send graphics and other non-text files by email?

Yes, you can send just about anything. While working on this page your humble Webmaster sent a DOS program, a bitmap graphic, a Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet and a True Type font through the Internet as email attachments to several recipients and they all arrived in perfect condition.

There are some things you should know before sending attachments, however, and you can get the full story from this Web page.

I have no friends, but I'd like to get email. What can I do?

Simple - subscribe to an Internet mailing list.

There are Internet mailing lists devoted to hundreds of topics. You can find a list of mailing lists on the Web, along with instructions for subscribing.

A message which is submitted to a mailing list's "list server" is automatically sent on to each of the list's subscribers. If you subscribe to one of the more active lists, you'll usually get several messages each day.

Each message you receive will show the email address of the person who submitted it to the list. If you wish to respond, you can do so by posting your response to the list server so that it will be relayed to all of the other subscribers, or by sending a private message to the author.

After participating in a mailing list for a while, you'll get to know some of the other subscribers pretty well. Who knows - you might even make a friend!

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