Now you're an expert!

Now that you know how to scroll up and down a page, click on links, and move forward and back through the pages you've visited, you've just about mastered Web surfing.

Actually, there are a few more things you might like to know about the World Wide Web, and there's a lot more to the Internet than just the Web. We'll put the rest of this information in the form of an FAQ - a collection of "frequently asked questions." You'll see a lot of FAQs on the Net.

Click on the questions below to get some answers. You'll also find links to Web sites and other Internet resources which relate to the topic. Just remember to click the back button in the tool bar to return to this tutorial after following these "outside" links.

What is the Internet?


What is the World Wide Web?

How can I find what I'm looking for on the Web?

How can I get the most from my Internet software?


What is email?


How can I download files over the Internet?

What are News Groups?

Can I chat on the Internet?

What else can I do on the Net?


Will you tell us a story, Mr. Webmaster?