a complete Internet tutorial


Click near the bottom of the
vertical "scroll bar" to see
more of this page


Keep going...


A little further...


See how that works?

Most "web pages" are longer than your computer screen, so you need to "scroll down" to see the whole page. Of course, you can also click at the top of the bar to scroll back up the page. You can do the same thing with the up-arrow and down-arrow keys on your keyboard.

That's one basic every web surfer needs to know. Another basic is an understanding of "links."The pages you see on the World Wide Web can include words or phrases which, when clicked with the mouse pointer, will take you instantly to another spot on the Web. Links are usually underlined and shown in blue. When you move your mouse pointer over a link, it turns into a hand with a pointing finger.

To see a link in action, click once here. Then wait a few seconds while the new page is received.