Presto - here you are!

Pretty simple, eh?

When you click on a link, you might jump to a different spot on the same Web page, or to a page in a different Web site stored in a computer on the other side of the world. (You're looking at a "Web page" right now. There are millions of other Web pages on the Internet. You'll find definitions of terms like "Web page" and "Web site" later on in this tutorial.)

If you picture the links on each Web page as threads reaching out in many directions to other pages, each of which is similarly connected, you can see where the term "web" came from. As for the "world wide" part, you'll appreciate that soon enough when you start surfing!

Links in Web pages are usually words or phrases, but they can also be graphics like the one at the bottom of this page. Sometimes you'll see larger pictures (called "image maps") which contain several links, depending on where you click.

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