Will you tell us a story, Mr. Webmaster?

Why sure.

Once upon a time, not very long ago, the Webmaster was spending a pleasant evening surfing the Web. He decided to search AltaVista for references to a man named Fred Neil. You probably haven't heard of him, but he was a wonderful singer and songwriter from the Sixties. Unfortunately, almost none of his music is available on CD, which made the Webmaster very sad.

When the Webmaster had searched for Fred Neil before, he had found a few links which contained brief mentions, but nothing very interesting. So this night, he decided to search in "Usenet" rather than "the Web" and - behold! There was a lively discussion in the rec.music.folk newsgroup about Fred Neil, and someone wrote that they had heard a rumor that Rhino Records was planning to bring out a collection of his songs!

When the Webmaster read this, he had to find out if it was true. So, he went to Yahoo and found Rhino Records' Web site. There he found an email link to "Dr. Rhino," so he emailed him, and told him how much he hoped the rumor was true, and what a fine idea he thought it was. (If you remember Fred Neil, you might want to email Dr. Rhino too.)

A little bit later, Dr. Rhino emailed the Webmaster and told him that the rights for the collection were being negotiated and that a CD would probably be released eventually. And the Webmaster has been happy ever after.

The moral of this story is to show how various aspect of the Internet - the Web, the search engines, newsgroups, and email, in this case - can work easily and seamlessly together to keep you informed, entertained and involved. The Webmaster hopes you have found this tutorial helpful, and that you will enjoy your Internet connection!

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