How can I send and receive email with Windows95?

You can use the built-in Exchange program for email and other electronic messages such as faxes. If you followed the installation procedure in your User's Guide the Exchange program is already configured for email

To start Exchange, double-click the "Inbox" icon on the desktop.

To find out if you have any new mail, click Tools in the menu bar, and then click Deliver Now. (Don't ask why, just do it.) If you're not currently online, Exchange will dial PhoneTech and connect to the email server. If you have new email it will appear in the Exchange window. To view the contents of a particular message, double-click it.

To send email, click Compose in the menu bar and then click New Message. Type the email address of the recipient in the To: field. All email addresses contain the "@" symbol, which you type by holding Shift and hitting the 2 key. For example, your humble Webmaster's email address is "" Feel free to send me a test message, and I'll reply.

Hit the Tab key after typing the recipient's email address. The next field, labeled "CC:", is for a "Carbon Copy." If you type a second email address here, your message will be sent to both addresses. In most cases you'll leave this field blank.

Hit Tab again to move to the Subject: field. A Subject isn't required but it's a good idea to put something useful here, like "Email Test" or "Marriage proposal."

Tab once more to move to the body of the message. After you've finished typing your message click File in the menu bar and then click Send.

At this point, your message has been sent, right? Wrong! You must now click Tools and then Deliver Now. Exchange will dial PhoneTech (if necessary) and send your email on its way.

Is Exchange the best email program for Windows95?

Let's just say that there are some alternatives you might wish to consider. An excellent one is Microsoft's Internet Explorer version 3.0, which includes the Internet Mail and News package. You can download it from Microsoft's Web site (select "Full Install" from the pull-down menu).

Here's some information you'll need to set up the Internet Mail and News software:

The Outgoing Mail (SMTP) server is:

The Incoming Mail (POP3) server is:

Your POP3 account is your UserName (see the back of your User's Guide)

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