What else can I do on the Net?

You surf the Web to enjoy multimedia extravaganzas from all around the world. You use email to take care of business, keep in touch with old friends and inform your elected representatives of your views. Your software is always the latest because you download updates and trial versions with FTP. You get the hottest news and tips about your hobbies and special interests by participating in Usenet newsgroups. And you've made new friends in a dozen countries while chatting with IRC.

And now you ask yourself...is that all there is?

No, actually, there's more! For example, we haven't even talked about using the Internet as a telephone, which lets you send your voice (rather than typed messages) over the Net. And many people enjoy multi-player games such as MUDs, MUSHes and MOOs.

And, if that isn't enough, remember that no technology is evolving faster right now than the Internet. By the time you read this you'll be able to do things that aren't possible as it is being written.

Where can you find out about these new developments? On the Internet - of course!

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