Strange Sites

Here are seven sites which we think are among the finest resources on the World Wide Web.

They were chosen for the breadth of their appeal, the quality of their presentation and the depth of their content. Of course, each contains links to many other excellent Web sites.


There is no charge for using any of these sites. If you download and use shareware programs, however, you should register and pay for them.

Check here occasionally for new and improved lists of the Seven Wonders. We would also welcome your comments and suggestions.


1 10 Best Of The Web

Why settle for seven when you can have 10? This site actually offers hundreds of links organized as the "10 Best" in dozens of categories, such as "Automotive," "Cartoons," "Investing," "Hobbies," "Politics," "Travel," etc.

If you're new to the Net, this is a great way to find quality Web sites relating to your areas of interest.

2 The English Server

The English Server at Carnegie Mellon University is a vast archive of fiction, poetry, drama, philosophy and music which includes many of the great texts of our civilization.

An excellent complement to this site is the WWW Bible Gateway, which gives full, searchable access to seven different versions of the Bible in six languages.


3 The Internet Movie Database

A database of "over 75,000 movies with over 1,000,000 filmography entries." It's the Internet equivalent of one of those thick "movies on video tape" books.

Find a movie in the database by searching for a title, an actor or actress, a character name or even a quotation from the dialog. Then read the reviews and ratings which accompany each movie.

4 Jumbo! Shareware

This site once described itself as "The Most Mind-Boggling, Most Eye-Popping, Most Death-Defying Conglomeration of Freeware and Shareware Programs on the Known-Web!" We think that may be an understatement.

Just scroll down the page and click on the category of your choice. Downloading the software is just another click away.


5 NetGuide

This online Internet magazine is sure to have something of interest among its constantly-changing articles.

You'll find information to help get more value and fun from your Internet connection, as well links to lots of other great sites.

6 Switchboard

A national phone book which includes both residential and business listings.

Look up all your long-lost pals, or find your own name, address and phone number on the Internet. Tons of fun, and very practical as well.


7 Map Quest

If you're feeling lost be sure to visit this extraordinary Web site.

With the Interactive Atlas you can display and print maps from many countries, including detailed city maps. You'll also find points of interest and lots of other travel-related information.

The Trip Quest feature of this site not only computes the distance between any two cities, but also plans your route.

We hope you've enjoyed our Seven Wonders of the World Wide Web.

Remember, this list is just for fun, so please don't feel slighted if we left out your favorite Web site. There are hundreds of other sites which we might equally well have included.

By the way, if you're interested in the original Seven Wonders of the World, check out this site.